Dear Generous Supporters and Friends, 

We are absolutely blown away by the community support of and participation in our Virtual Metamorphosis Live! As you know, this was our first ever virtual event, and online fundraisers are new to all of us, so we really did not know what to expect. But thanks to you, we not only met but SURPASSED our fundraising goal of $160,000 by 23%, raising a more than $197,000 from 340+ donors! On top of that, based on the number of views on YouTube, we feel confident in saying that at least 400 of you tuned in for the event and cheered us on. THANK YOU!

Your extraordinarily generous gifts will enable us to serve more individuals facing homelessness and offer more comprehensive services in 2020 than we did during our massive year of growth in 2019You heard us talk in the Meta video about addressing the link between health and homelessness, made ever more apparent during COVID-19. This will be a major priority for us in the weeks, months and years ahead. We are doing everything that we can to address the health needs of our Guests during the pandemic - in fact, I am happy to share that the City of Chicago and UI Health came out this past Friday to test each of our Guests and staff who have been working on-site (the team of doctors and medical students were so helpful and gentle with the Guests - we are so grateful!). But we also plan to expand our healthcare focus beyond COVID-19, establishing additional on-site physical and mental health care services to address the underlying health issues that deeply impact our Guests' housing situations.Your support makes implementing these new, comprehensive services more of a reality.

We are honestly still coming down from the excitment of our Virtual Meta. Thank you for not only supporting our organization and our Guests through your generous gifts, but also for giving our staff such a boost through your genuine enthusiasm during the event and for our mission always. Cheers to YOU and to 35 years of this extraordinary community - onto the next 35!

With gratitude,
Lydia Murray



Holiday Party


Come celebrate an amazing year with us at the 2nd annual Holiday Party! Join us for light bites, drinks, and holiday cheer at Victory Gardens Theatre on December 13th.

For tickets, visit here