“LPCS saved my life and took me from being homeless and helpless, and turned me into a miracle!” -LPCS Graduate

What comes to mind when you see someone ringing a bell?
At LPCS, it is a way to recognize the amazing and wonderful things that Guests, Graduates, and Community Clients are accomplishing. Former Executive Director Dan Hula wanted to find a way to signify these moments, so he had a bell installed outside of his office. “While it is often easy to get caught up in the hectic and busy nature of our work, the bell has become a symbol of community, celebration, and a reminder to us all why we are here,” shared Hula. Now, the bell is rung every time a member of the LPCS community achieves one of their goals.


A proud Graduate! A proud Graduate!

LPCS Graduate, Veronique, proudly holds the keys to her beautiful new apartment.

June 4, 2018
Moving Out! Moving Out!

One of our Graduates, proudly holding the keys to his new apartment!

March 7, 2018
Successful Grad Successful Grad

It’s the most beautiful part of Chicago, the people are the very best”- Johnny, Recent Graduate

July 20, 2017
Bell Ringing Moments Bell Ringing Moments

Congratulations to Eric, one of four Guests who graduated in September 2017.

July 20, 2017
Celebrating a New Job! Celebrating a New Job!

Darlene, a previous LPCS Guest, celebrating getting a new job!

July 20, 2017
Bell Ringing Moments Bell Ringing Moments

"It takes a village" -Calvin, a Graduate, repeated while shaking his new keys!

July 12, 2017
Successful Grads Successful Grads

“I was at the shelter while looking for an apartment, which I found. As a Graduate, I’m a success story.” — Janet, an LPCS Graduate. We are so grateful for Janet, who has continued to serve the LPCS community as a volunteer.

June 14, 2017
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